Season 8

December 14, 2023x

Saying Good Bi to 2023 (Listener Letters!)

In our last episode of the year, we share a few listener letters and answer your burning questions! Christina cries, and Evan dishes some hot gossip about a potentially queer celebrity run in from six years ago. If you don’t want to wait until 2024 to hear from us again, find us on Patreon! We’ll b...

December 01, 2023x

Getting Bi - Queerness, Music, and Mental Health in Crazy Ex Girlfriend

This week, we’re talking about the television show Crazy Ex Girlfriend! In addition to being hilarious, smart, and out of the box, this show is very, very queer, which we love to see! There are three explicitly bisexual characters! While the show ran for four seasons (a surprise for Christina, who ...

November 16, 2023x

Queer Comfort Content

We're talking about the queer content bringing us comfort right now, and covering everything from podcasts to television shows (Christina even has a novel to recommend! Fiction!). We are collecting listener letters for a mailbag episode! Send us your thoughts on a recent episode, your queer...

November 02, 2023x

The in-here is the out-there: empathy, self-compassion, and the pursuit of Beloved Community

How do we have difficult conversations with the people we love? Is it possible to extend self-compassion to ourselves when we've made a mistake or caused harm (is that allowed ?)? How does anti-racism fit into all of this? This episode gets into it! We're joined by Roxy Manning, PhD (Cl...

October 19, 2023x

The Bi Survival Guide

How do you take care of yourself when things are hard? This week, we are revisiting our episode "How to be a Person," which we originally released in July 2022. We offer some musings and (a little bit of) concrete advice about how to get through difficult periods. You can find Carmen Sp...

September 15, 2023x

Heartstopper Season 2!

We're dropping into your feed early to talk about Season 2 of Heartstopper! We start with a discussion about the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, and then give some general spoiler-free thoughts about the show before we enter spoiler territory. You can find the second half of our conversati...