The Bi Pod - All Things Bisexual

The Bi Pod - All Things Bisexual

The Bi Pod is a queer podcast exploring all things bisexual. We are here to talk about our own identities, respond to bisexual representation in media, and talk to awesome guests about their queer experiences and relationships with bisexuality. We welcome anyone who has any kind of relationship with or curiosity about queerness.

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June 20, 202400:16:4628.24 MB

Pride Minisode

Introducing minisodes! These bite sized Bi Pod episodes will come out between our regular episodes. For our first one, we're talking about different ways to celebrate Pride month.  You can find the Virtual 2024 Pride Calendar here: You...

June 13, 202400:58:1281.16 MB


From the vault! We're talking about our celebrity crushes. This episode was originally released exclusively to our Patreon supporters, but we're making it available to all our listeners today. You can find Evan’s accompanying hot people presentation (lol) at this link: ⁠

May 16, 202401:02:1887.82 MB

The one with the relationship smorgasbord

After referencing it many times in recent episodes, we decided it was time to revisit our episode "Define the Relationship" (aka the one with the relationship smorgasbord). In this episode we reflect on our relationship two years later and the one area of the smorgasbord that made us both...

April 18, 202400:08:0012.76 MB

Big Gay Friendship [Preview]

We’re talking about queer friendship, and the ways it can be expansive, affirming, and enriching in a world that teaches us to prioritize romantic monogamy over everything else. Turns out, it’s gay to be friends. To listen to the full episode, find us on Patreon: ...

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