The Bi Pod: A Queer Podcast

The Bi Pod: A Queer Podcast

The Bi Pod is a podcast about all things bisexual. We are here to talk about our own identities, respond to bisexual represenation in media, and talk to awesome guests about their queer experiences and relationships with bisexuality. We welcome anyone who has any kind of relationship with or curiosity about queerness. We define bisexuality as experiencing attraction both to people who share your gender identity and to those who don't.

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April 18, 202400:08:0012.76 MB

Big Gay Friendship [Preview]

We’re talking about queer friendship, and the ways it can be expansive, affirming, and enriching in a world that teaches us to prioritize romantic monogamy over everything else. Turns out, it’s gay to be friends. To listen to the full episode, find us on Patreon: ...

April 04, 2024x
01:08:27105.27 MB

Queering Barbie

Hi Barbies! We’re talking about the Barbie movie, which we believe is a film about gender performance. We discuss Barbie as an ace icon, Ken’s compulsory heterosexuality, the homoerotic tension between the Kens, and all things gender. And of course, we beach off. You can find the American Hyste...

March 21, 2024x
00:14:3622.39 MB

Friendshuationships (aka Complicated Friendships) [Preview]

We’re talking about complicated & confusing friendships! We cover what we see as the 3 types of confusing/complicated friendships, before digging into our personal experiences with formative codependent friendships, complicated queer friendships (are we in love???), and the follies of adolescence. T...

March 07, 2024x
00:52:4548.82 MB

Bisexuality 201

Welcome back to class! In Bisexuality 201, we get into the “symptoms” of bisexuality, the ways that bisexuality can intersect with other labels and identities, and how our understanding of ourselves can change and evolve as we do. If you haven’t listened to Bisexuality 101 yet, you can find it in...

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