About Our Podcast

The Bi Pod premiered in February 2021 and releases episodes on a bi-weekly schedule. We’ve made episodes about things like the future of coming outpublic health, and pansexuality. We love covering media and pop culture (like Harley Quinn and queer books) and have even taken some very invasive internet quizzes to find out if we’re bisexual.  

In June 2022 we launched a Patreon to fund the creation of the show! Patrons of the show get access to perks like special monthly playlists, Bi Pod stickers, special episodes, and other goodies! 

The Bi Pod welcomes anyone who has any kind of relationship with, or curiosity about, queerness. 

We don’t know everything. This podcast is one piece of the long history of bisexual and queer discourse. We’re here to be part of the conversation.

Your Hosts

Evan Chelsee

I’m a writer, a project manager, and a verbal processor. I do a lot of things, and that’s the way I like it. I’m a non-binary babe who uses the pronouns they&them. You can find me at evanchelsee.com

Christina Brown

I’m a writer, educator, and publishing professional. I use she/her pronouns and feel happiest when I’m surrounded by plants and shiny objects. You can find me at https://christinabrown.substack.com/ or on Instagram @christina.leigh.brown.

Recent Episodes

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July 18, 202400:45:4986.92 MB

I'm Feeling Queer Today

We've got something special for you today! Here at The Bi Pod we love the podcast I'm Feeling Queer Today, and we're exciting to bring you an episode of their show along with an interview with our new friend Claire, who worked on IFQT! In the episode we're sharing, hosts Alex and ...

July 11, 2024x
00:12:3619.23 MB

Queer Style [Preview]

This week, we’re talking about queer style with special guest and Bi Pod Patreon member, Shanna! We chat about our personal style journeys, gender and style, and making the outside match the inside.  Our patrons are also getting links to some of our fave pieces of clothing. To listen to the ful...

July 04, 202400:16:5928.82 MB

The (Literal) Queer Agenda Minisode

For this week’s minisode, we’re talking about Evan’s new project, the Open Concept Agenda! The Open Concept Agenda is an undated planner designed to be used how and when you want. It can also help you queer your relationship to time and productivity! You can get your own Open Concept Agenda here: ht...


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Fun and wholesome Bi content

The first episode introduces us to two delightful Bi guests and I’m looking forward to hearing what comes next. At a time when I have little access to my local Queer and Bi community, it’s heart-warming to listen to this Bi pod. In ~20 years as an out Bi/Queer person I’ve rarely if ever been offered specifically Bi con...

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