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Big Gay Friendship [Preview]

We’re talking about queer friendship, and the ways it can be expansive, affirming, and enriching in a world that teaches us to prioritize romantic monogamy over everything else. Turns out, it’s gay to be friends. To listen to the full episode, find us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thebipod ...

April 04, 2024x
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Queering Barbie

Hi Barbies! We’re talking about the Barbie movie, which we believe is a film about gender performance. We discuss Barbie as an ace icon, Ken’s compulsory heterosexuality, the homoerotic tension between the Kens, and all things gender. And of course, we beach off. You can find the American Hyste...

March 21, 2024x
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Friendshuationships (aka Complicated Friendships) [Preview]

We’re talking about complicated & confusing friendships! We cover what we see as the 3 types of confusing/complicated friendships, before digging into our personal experiences with formative codependent friendships, complicated queer friendships (are we in love???), and the follies of adolescence. T...

March 07, 2024x
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Bisexuality 201

Welcome back to class! In Bisexuality 201, we get into the “symptoms” of bisexuality, the ways that bisexuality can intersect with other labels and identities, and how our understanding of ourselves can change and evolve as we do. If you haven’t listened to Bisexuality 101 yet, you can find it in...

February 22, 2024x
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Crazier Ex-Girlfriend (aka Crazy Ex-Girlfriend part 2) [Preview]

We’re talking about the show Crazy Ex Girlfriend! Again! This time, we talk about Rebecca’s (questionable) heterosexuality, Valencia’s queer journey, AJ’s gender, and Daryll and White Josh’s relationship. We also give you our take on the end of the show and who we woudl have picked in the Love Qu...

February 08, 2024x
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Am I Queer Enough?

If you’re looking for the Queer DMV office so you can apply for your queer card and pay your membership dues, you’ve come to the right place! Just kidding, it’s free to be gay! On this week’s episode, we chat with Flo Godineau about what it means to be bisexual enough and nonbinary enough. We als...

January 25, 2024x
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BIG news for 2024

Changes are coming to The Bi Pod! We also get into our resolutions and things to look forward to this year.  To join our Patreon community and access all of our episodes, playlists, and get the Zoom link to our anniversary party, find us at patreon.com/thebipod  We also want to share that Prote...

December 14, 2023x
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Saying Good Bi to 2023 (Listener Letters!)

In our last episode of the year, we share a few listener letters and answer your burning questions! Christina cries, and Evan dishes some hot gossip about a potentially queer celebrity run in from six years ago. If you don’t want to wait until 2024 to hear from us again, find us on Patreon! We’ll b...

December 01, 2023x
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Getting Bi - Queerness, Music, and Mental Health in Crazy Ex Girlfriend

This week, we’re talking about the television show Crazy Ex Girlfriend! In addition to being hilarious, smart, and out of the box, this show is very, very queer, which we love to see! There are three explicitly bisexual characters! While the show ran for four seasons (a surprise for Christina, who ...