The Bi Pod - All Things BisexualMarch 07, 2024x

Bisexuality 201

Welcome back to class! In Bisexuality 201, we get into the “symptoms” of bisexuality, the ways that bisexuality can intersect with other labels and identities, and how our understanding of ourselves can change and evolve as we do.

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You can find out if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of bisexuality here: 

You can find the TikTok we mentioned here: 

Here are the reflection questions for your optional homework:

  • What is your definition of bisexuality?
  • Which labels feel the most true for you? Do any of your other identities chafe with or inform these labels?
  • What would your life look like if you followed the societal “trellis”? What is the light you are growing toward now?

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