The Bi Net

Christina: [00:00:00] Hi Chelsee.

[00:00:00]Chelsee: [00:00:00] Hi, Christina.

[00:00:01] Christina: [00:00:01] How’s it going?

[00:00:03] Chelsee: [00:00:03] Um, it’s it’s going. Yeah. That’s um, yeah.

[00:00:09] Christina: [00:00:09] Yeah, it is also going for me as well. Yeah. What a time, truly. What a time to be a person in a place at all?

[00:00:23] Chelsee: [00:00:23] There is, uh, a song, um, by Julia Michaels. It’s a duet between Julia Michaels and Niall Horan, um, called one at a time.

[00:00:33] And so now I’m just singing that in my head.

[00:00:35]Christina: [00:00:35] Oh, I haven’t   heard that . I like Julia Michaels.

[00:00:38] Chelsee: [00:00:38] It’s good. It’s good. So just, um, pretend that there’s a music cue here playing. That song that we don’t have the rights to.

[00:00:46] Christina: [00:00:46] Right. I’m like no copyright infringement, but Chelsee, please sing.

[00:00:52] Chelsee: [00:00:52] I’m not going to sing, but yeah,

[00:00:56] Christina: [00:00:56] It’s a time, but I’m happy to be here. Excited, um, to podcast about bisexuality. Um, we got stickers. This feels like a call back to episode one about Chelsee being, um, the sticker person, but we now have stickers with our logo on them in my backpack right now. I never see anyone, so I can’t hand them out yet, but I might mail some, I might like mail one to like a couple of my, like top bisexuals.

[00:01:22] Chelsee: [00:01:22] Um, that’s um, I feel like you could really start a fight with that.

[00:01:32] Christina: [00:01:32] Yeah. As soon as I said it, I was like, Oh no, People are going to hear that and get upset. I wonder if my straight partner will put one on his laptop, he has to. Yeah.

[00:01:42] Chelsee: [00:01:42] Otherwise that’s   erasure

[00:01:44] Christina: [00:01:44] Otherwise we have to break up. He has to leave the house. We’ll see.

[00:01:50] Chelsee: [00:01:50] I mean, I think he, I think he would. I think,

[00:01:54] Christina: [00:01:54] I think so too. Would I ask him? Probably we’ll see, I’ll let you all know how it goes. Um, but today we were talking about, um, bisexuals on the internet, bisexual internet culture. As I like to say the world bi web, which we’re still workshopping. The world bide web, it sounds good, but it looks like Biden   on paper, which we are not going for .

[00:02:22] Um, by the time you wear this, you’ll, we’ll already have a title, so you can’t give us ideas.

[00:02:27]Chelsee: [00:02:27] But I mean, you could still submit your own bi internet puns.

[00:02:33] Christina: [00:02:33] Oh yeah. Always send DMS are always open for bisexual puns.

[00:02:37] Chelsee: [00:02:37] What if we just go with like the Bi Net like Skynet, but bi?

[00:02:42]Christina: [00:02:42] Oh, I see it. Love this conversation that’s happening on air. Yeah. The bi net. Yeah. We’ll have something clever. It will probably be the bi net but we’ll see. Um, but we thought we’d get started by taking some quizzes about, um, bisexuality. So, um, spoiler alert we are both, uh, tried and true bisexuals card sticker, carrying bisexuals. Um, but we’re about to take a quiz, um, to find out if we in fact are bisexual, according to the internet.

[00:03:17] Um, but should it be fun? So, um, this first one is from all the Um, in case you want to follow along at home.

[00:03:28] Chelsee: [00:03:28] We will include links to all of these quizzes in the show notes so that you too can take some quizzes to find out if you are a bisexual.

[00:03:36] Christina: [00:03:36] Yeah. That’s the only way to know. Uh, so this first one says, am I bisexual, bi curious, straight, or a lesbian?

[00:03:46] Um, so I guess this is like aimed at women specifically. It is under love and relationship quizzes. And then what is my sexuality? And then my sexuality for girls.

[00:03:55]Chelsee: [00:03:55] Also, if these, if this counter is to be believed, it’s been taken by, it’s been taken 6 million times.

[00:04:04] Christina: [00:04:04] Wow. So many bisexuals.

[00:04:06] Chelsee: [00:04:06] The user rating is 3.5 out of five though so people are middle of the road on it.

[00:04:11] Christina: [00:04:11] Could take it, could leave it. Yeah. I’m very interested between like to see what their interpretation of bisexual versus bi-curious is. And I know we’ll do a whole episode on like, bi curiosity and like bi curious representation, whatever that is, in the media, but I’m curious about this one quiz’s uh,  division.

[00:04:33] Chelsee: [00:04:33] So what we thought we’d do is Christina and I are going to take the quiz at the same time so that we can compare our results. Um, and we will read you the questions so that you can follow along and, you know, perhaps answer in your own head if you want. Um, I’ll read question one. Since I’m already talking it’s one of 13, do you find yourself attracted to men?

[00:05:01] And the options are yes, yes, but not only to men, of course, and not at all.

[00:05:11] Christina: [00:05:11] Interesting. Mine’s in a different order.  Maybe we’re being steered. Mine has. Yes, but not only to men listed first.

[00:05:18] Chelsee: [00:05:18] This might be to keep people from just being like the, cause, you know, if you do like a print quiz in like, I don’t know  Cosmo or something and it’s like all the A’s and all the B’s.

[00:05:27]Christina: [00:05:27] Yeah. That makes sense.

[00:05:29] Chelsee: [00:05:29] Yeah. Um, the phrasing of this is very funny because like, yes and of course are like

[00:05:39]Christina: [00:05:39] I guess there’s like some maybe if you choose, of course, it’s like, you’re like, yeah, that’s what society says I have to do. So of course I am. And yes, it’s more like authentic.

[00:05:50] I don’t know.

[00:05:50] Chelsee: [00:05:50] None of these options are begrudgingly.

[00:05:53] Christina: [00:05:53] Yeah. I know when it said yes, but  not only to men, I thought I was going to say like, yes, but I do not like them. I was going to be like, that’s the one. Yeah. These are all very like kind to men. I guess I like varying levels of enthusiasm too. It could be like, yes and like, of course.

[00:06:11] Chelsee: [00:06:11] There’s no exclamation points.

[00:06:13] Christina: [00:06:13] That’s true thing. Okay. Then I think my first theory was better.

[00:06:15] Chelsee: [00:06:15] Okay.

[00:06:16] Um, well we should, we should vote.

[00:06:18] Christina: [00:06:18] Uh, are we going to tell the people what we say?

[00:06:22]Chelsee: [00:06:22] Yeah. Yeah. I think we can do that. Um, I’m going to be honest. Um, I’m going to select not at all.

[00:06:34] Um, no, I just, I feel like I have to answer. Yes, but not only to men, even though that feels excessive because the question didn’t ask are you only attracted to men?

[00:06:45]Christina: [00:06:45] That’s true.

[00:06:46] Chelsee: [00:06:46] It feels very leading. Yeah.

[00:06:49] Christina: [00:06:49] Yeah. I feel like we already know the answer to this quiz. Yeah. I’m also going to choose. Yes, but not only to men, although I guess I do like having the qualifier maybe.

[00:07:00] Chelsee: [00:07:00] Um, also it, it has a picture accompanying it, um, of what looks like two women, but one is pulling the other’s hair, like from behind, like they’re walking away and like yanking someone’s hair.

[00:07:14] Christina: [00:07:14] I have the same photo. I, why? What does it have  to do with liking men?

[00:07:19]Chelsee: [00:07:19] I don’t know. But one time, I forget what I was looking for at work.

[00:07:23] I was looking at stock photos and I found a stock photos. Um, Oh, I know what it was. So I work for a dog products company and we sell a product called bully sticks. And I was trying to find stock photos of bully sticks, which is not a thing, but I was looking for them. And instead I found a bunch of stock photos of bullying, um, which just involved like a lot of women, like touching each other or like pulling each other’s hair.

[00:07:52] Yeah. Like it was supposed to embody like   violence, but I was like, this looks like lesbian porn, right?

[00:07:59] Christina: [00:07:59] Hmm. What an interesting Venn diagram.

[00:08:03] Chelsee: [00:08:03] I mean, very much lesbian porn through the male gaze. Right. Um, but I was like, yeah. These women are fucking, like that’s what’s happening in this stock photo

[00:08:13] Christina: [00:08:13] Stock photos are the best.

[00:08:15] Chelsee: [00:08:15] I will try and find those so that the people can see. Okay. Next question.

[00:08:20] Christina: [00:08:20] Are you sexually attracted to women? The options are kind of, yes, but not only to women, no, and yes. What if you answered yes to both questions? Would it give you the same result?

[00:08:38]Chelsee: [00:08:38] Man, we should have been trying to game the system.

[00:08:40]Christina: [00:08:40] Next time we’re going to game this system, but this time I’ll just be earnest.

[00:08:44] I’m going to say yes, but not only to women. Yeah. No stock photo here.

[00:08:48] Chelsee: [00:08:48] No.

[00:08:49]Christina: [00:08:49] Maybe it’s just the first question.

[00:08:51] Chelsee: [00:08:51] Okay. You’re being hit on by two people, one female, one male. The woman is extremely attractive. The man is average looking. Which do you have sex with? If you could only choose one of them? First of all, I love that you’re being hit on and it immediately is like, but who are you going to have sex with?

[00:09:12] Christina: [00:09:12] That escalated so quickly.

[00:09:14] Chelsee: [00:09:14] And I, the fact that they, uh, clarified, you have to choose one because I’m going to be honest. My answer would have been like both of them. I don’t know. I don’t know.

[00:09:27] Christina: [00:09:27] Let’s just see. Um, I also love the detail that the woman is very attractive and the man is average looking because like, I don’t know. I just love when quizzes, like show me a reality, you know what I mean?

[00:09:38] Chelsee: [00:09:38] Yeah. So the options are the man, I might be attracted to women, but I wouldn’t have sex with one or the man or the woman of course, or the woman.

[00:09:53] Christina: [00:09:53] I, once again wonder about the woman versus the woman, of course, I’m still going to stick with my theory of like, that means that you, like, if you choose, of course, you’re like, there’s no other way I have to be straight because society.

[00:10:07]Chelsee: [00:10:07] But in this case, the woman of course seems like,

[00:10:11]Christina: [00:10:11] Oh, that would be gay.

[00:10:12] Chelsee: [00:10:12] The lesbian answer from this.

[00:10:14] Christina: [00:10:14] That’s true. I don’t know how to game the system.

[00:10:20] Chelsee: [00:10:20] Um, okay. I’m gonna, do you know what you’re going to go with?

[00:10:25] Christina: [00:10:25] Well, definitely the woman. Cause who needs an average looking man. Yeah. Yeah. And like if I, yeah.

[00:10:34] Chelsee: [00:10:34] All things being equal. Um, okay. I’m going to go for the woman. Of course.

[00:10:41] Christina: [00:10:41] Okay. Good to call. Okay. That’s a weird question. When you are in dressing rooms, do you find yourself checking out other women? Depends on the woman, uh, yes, no and rarely do you remember dressing rooms? I’ve just been like alone.

[00:11:07]Chelsee: [00:11:07] It’s a weird question though, in that I feel like most dressing rooms. So I have once been in a dressing room that was literally just a big room lined with mirrors.

[00:11:18] It was very weird. Yeah. It’s a lot of angles. Yeah. Um, but other than that, all of the dressing rooms that I’ve been in are like stalls. So there’s really not an opportunity to like check out other women, unless you’re just like, I dunno, they’re coming out from the stall. I’m gesturing with my hand. Anyway.

[00:11:41] Christina: [00:11:41] That’s what coming out of a stall looks like. I have the opposite experience. I’ve been in rooms full of changing women, my entire life because of dance.

[00:11:48] Chelsee: [00:11:48] Oh. Um, Yeah. I mean, I have done that because of theater, but I wasn’t thinking of, I wasn’t thinking of that as like, in this context, I was thinking like dressing rooms, like when you’re in a store, not like dressing rooms.

[00:12:03] Christina: [00:12:03] Yeah. I would, I’d be very alarmed if I was like at the, I dunno, a clothing store.

[00:12:09] Chelsee: [00:12:09] Yeah. The room that I described with the mirrors that was in a clothing store.

[00:12:12] Christina: [00:12:12] Really?

[00:12:12] Chelsee: [00:12:12] Yeah.

[00:12:14] Christina: [00:12:14] Oh no, that sounds so uncomfortable. Anybody could just like, Hm, what store was it? Do you remember?

[00:12:23] Chelsee: [00:12:23] I don’t remember, but it was definitely one of those sort of like shitty boutique type things where it was like all of this clothing cost $12.

[00:12:31] It was definitely made with child labor in a foreign country. But, um, they’re trying to approximate like luxury clothing,

[00:12:42] Christina: [00:12:42] Right, with the mirrors. Yeah. I don’t even like it when like stores have dressing rooms that are just curtains. I’m like, give me a lock please. Yeah. Anybody could just wander in here.

[00:12:54]Chelsee: [00:12:54] Uh,  anyway we’ve really gotten away from so the,

[00:12:57] Christina: [00:12:57] so, okay. So if we’re thinking about it in the terms of like dressing rooms, like maybe at the gym, like a locker room, I guess, is what you call it or like, you know, if you’re like getting dressed for like to go out with your friends or like, if you’re like changing non sexually with like a bunch of other women. I think my answer might be misleading because like, I think I’m going to say rarely only because I think it’s like, I don’t like to leer at people like that feels like fucked up for consent reasons. Um, I’m also a person. So of course I notice when someone’s hot and naked near me, what am I supposed to do? Um, but I’m very conscious of like,

[00:13:40] Chelsee: [00:13:40] The way you said that, I notice when someone is hot and naked, close to me, what am I supposed to do? Yeah. Um, at once appropriate. And also sounds like something a dude on the internet.

[00:13:53] Christina: [00:13:53] Right. Which is why I have to finish my thought. Um, but I’m also aware of like consent and boundaries and like, usually I’m also like naked also changing is like not hot, usually you’re putting on like a weird body stocking to like go on stage, you know?

[00:14:07] Um, so I’ll say rarely. Cause like, I mean, do I do my eyes wander occasionally? Of course. Um, but I’m just like, that’s not what we’re here for.

[00:14:17] Chelsee: [00:14:17] Yeah. I’m also going to go with that answer. I would say those are environments that are, are not, especially like sexual, like nothing feels sexy about like trying to put on a piece of clothing that maybe doesn’t fit or I might not be flattering.

[00:14:34] Christina: [00:14:34] True. Yeah. That is the worst.

[00:14:38] Chelsee: [00:14:38] Okay. Next question. Oh, wow.

[00:14:41] Christina: [00:14:41] Okay. So we did not preread these quizzes. Um, I just glanced through to make sure that they were all text-based. So I wouldn’t have like describe pictures to you. Um, I’ll just, I’ll just say that now.

[00:14:50]Chelsee: [00:14:50] We’re really gonna get into it here.

[00:14:52] Christina: [00:14:52] Yeah. Would you rather go down on a man or a woman?

[00:14:57] So I guess they’re asking like you want a penis or you want something different? Um, the options are a man…

[00:15:05]Chelsee: [00:15:05] also. This is like very binary.

[00:15:07] Christina: [00:15:07] Yeah. I know. I’m like, well, that   doesn’t tell me what that’s, why I’m like. Okay. So do I want a penis or vagina or something different in my mouth? I don’t know. Sorry mom!

[00:15:19]Chelsee: [00:15:19] I wish I could capture the face you just made

[00:15:21] luckily my

[00:15:22] Christina: [00:15:22] momn does not know how to use podcasts at all. Okay, man, depends, probably the man, or woman. Who’s the man? ‘

[00:15:32] Like, show me a picture. I’m just going to say depends because I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision here.

[00:15:43] Pressure’s on Chelsee. This feels intimate. You can also like answer privately if you would prefer.

[00:15:51] Chelsee: [00:15:51] Um, I 

[00:15:54] I don’t know, this question is harder than I thought it would be

[00:16:02] Christina: [00:16:02] It’s a lot of pressure. That’s why I was like, depends. I don’t know. Cause like, I think it’s totally fine. Like if you’re on the bi or pan spectrum to have like a preference for this specific sexual act, do you know what I mean?

[00:16:14] Chelsee: [00:16:14] Yeah.

[00:16:14] Christina: [00:16:14] And that like doesn’t mean that you like are not bi or pan.

[00:16:17] It could just mean like you prefer to have something in your mouth as opposed to something else, which is like, I mean, some people don’t like to eat broccoli, you know, like that doesn’t mean that you don’t say anything about you morally. What a simile Is that a simile?. I have a degree in English. What a comparison.

[00:16:40] Chelsee: [00:16:40] Hm. Okay. Um, while it does depend, I’m going to say probably the man.

[00:16:46] Christina: [00:16:46] Okay.

[00:16:46] Chelsee: [00:16:46] Yeah.

[00:16:48]Christina: [00:16:48] We’ve all learned something today.

[00:16:50] Chelsee: [00:16:50] Okay. Um, wow. It just gets more intimate. What is the furthest you’ve ever gone or would like to go with a woman?

[00:17:01] Christina: [00:17:01] This is really invasive. Yeah. Um, I do want to say that, like the answer to this question has nothing to do with like whether or not you’re bisexual.

[00:17:09] I do fully believe that you can like, never have a relationship with like, Well, one of the gen like a gender, or like the opposite gender or your gender and like still be bisexual.

[00:17:21] Chelsee: [00:17:21] Yeah. Um, I think that was actually like a big part of me getting comfortable with identifying as bisexual. Um, I remember at one point, uh, telling a therapist that I was like the world’s worst bisexual because had, I, I think I had, like, at that point had not really had, I had maybe like kissed women, except maybe not even, um, basically very little experience in that area.

[00:17:55] And my then therapist was like that, like does not have any bearing on whether or not you’re bisexual. Um, it took me a while to actually believe that, but, uh, yeah.

[00:18:09]Christina: [00:18:09] I think I still, like, I feel that way very strongly, especially for other people. Like when someone else who is not me says that they’re like having those kinds of doubts.

[00:18:18] I’m like, that doesn’t make any sense. Like, like, you know who you are, you’re attracted to whoever you’re attracted to. Then for me, I’m like, wait, like

[00:18:24] Chelsee: [00:18:24] I haven’t passed the test yet.

[00:18:26] Christina: [00:18:26] Yeah.

[00:18:27] Chelsee: [00:18:27] Oh, okay. Our options didn’t read those, um, oral, kissing, everything, nothing. Wow. Everything is like, what is that? Like on the one hand of these options, I guess that’s the appropriate one for me to choose.

[00:18:42] On the other hand, I haven’t done, like, everything. there are a lot of sex acts out there.

[00:18:47] Christina: [00:18:47] Yeah. This was written by someone who’s never had like queer sex. I mean, maybe that’s not true, but I’m like everything? I don’t know. I feel like I’m going to keep my answer to this question private.

[00:19:03] Chelsee: [00:19:03] I want to like name some obscure position and be like, what about that one?

[00:19:09]Christina: [00:19:09] Yeah. Oh, interesting. Yeah. Once y’all start paying us on Patreon I’ll answer these questions for you, but until then mind your business. Um, what, what would be your first thought if it came out that you were a lesbian? If it came out of where?

[00:19:33]Chelsee: [00:19:33] I guess if you were outed or if it was, I don’t know, tattooed on your forehead.

[00:19:39] Christina: [00:19:39] Interesting. Okay. So first thought if it came out that you were a lesbian. Our options are slightly true, now guys will think I am more attractive., ew, completely true, or it’s untrue. I feel like if you’re excited about men being attracted to you because you’re a lesbian, you’re like probably not lesbian. I could be wrong.

[00:20:03] Chelsee: [00:20:03] Um, there was a TV show, so that now the name is escaping me for, um, it was a high school show where one of the characters, um, is always trying to find a way to like become a popular kid. And she sort of accidentally happens into a rumor that she’s a lesbian, which then does increase her popularity. So then she pretends to be a lesbian with her best friend.

[00:20:33] Um, but spoiler, her best friend is not a straight person as they, you know, discover it. They learn lessons. Um, and a really popular guy gets more interested in her once he thinks that she’s a lesbian because you know, he wants to turn her.

[00:20:49] Christina: [00:20:49] Oh God. Yeah. The kids are being poisoned with television screens.

[00:20:54] I, that does not sound familiar to me.

[00:20:57] Chelsee: [00:20:57] It was on, it was on like ABC family, the actress who played, who was the one that pretended to be a lesbian is, um, now Jane on The Bold Type.

[00:21:08] Christina: [00:21:08] I feel like I watched all the ABC family shows, let me run through them. The fosters, um, wasn’t wouldn’t have been the fosters, um, secret life of the American teenager.

[00:21:18] Chelsee: [00:21:18] No,

[00:21:18] Christina: [00:21:18] Pretty little liars. Um, Jane, the Virgin

[00:21:23] Chelsee: [00:21:23] That wasn’t on ABC family. It’s a CW show.

[00:21:25] Christina: [00:21:25] Oh, I thought it started on ABC family.

[00:21:27] Chelsee: [00:21:27] No.

[00:21:28] Christina: [00:21:28] Okay. I’m out of options. I thought I had a much deeper well to choose from.

[00:21:32] Chelsee: [00:21:32] Now that I said it. Now that you’ve listed the ABC family shows, I think it might actually have been on MTV.

[00:21:38] Christina: [00:21:38] Okay. Yeah. I didn’t watch a lot of MTV.

[00:21:41] Chelsee: [00:21:41] Was it called faking it? I don’t know. This is a question I’ll answer for myself later.

[00:21:46] Christina: [00:21:46] Um, Oh, interesting.

[00:21:49] Chelsee: [00:21:49] Yeah.

[00:21:50]Christina: [00:21:50] Yeah. Um, so I guess a scenario is like someone starts a rumor that you’re a lesbian and you’re like, Hmm, slightly true. Or you’re like, Oh my God. Not true at all. Or you’re like completely true. Or you’re like, Oh good now men will like me. That’s a scenario that I’m painting.

[00:22:06] Chelsee: [00:22:06] I’m glad that we’re coming up with context to make this quiz make more sense. Um, the thing is that if someone said that I was a lesbian, I would say that’s not true because it’s not, but not because I’m offended by the idea. That’s the other shortcoming of these internet quizzes

[00:22:23] Christina: [00:22:23] Yeah and like slightly true. And it’s untrue. I don’t know, equal.

[00:22:31] Chelsee: [00:22:31] Um, I’m gonna, although I think this is going to skew the results. I’m going to go with. It’s untrue because my reaction wouldn’t be well, that’s right.

[00:22:41] Christina: [00:22:41] That’s true. I’m also going to go with it’s untrue, but like,

[00:22:45] Chelsee: [00:22:45] So obviously we’re doing this while recording podcast about bisexuality so it’s a very like meta thing that’s happening here, but like, do you think there are people who are taking this in earnest?

[00:22:56] Christina: [00:22:56] Yes. And I say that because I personally, I didn’t go through an am I bisexual online quiz, but I do want to say that I went through, I mean, I didn’t go through like an online, am I bisexual quiz taking phase, I forgot my noun. Um, but I did go through a, am I a sociopath phase when I was like a teenager, like 13 or 14?

[00:23:19] I don’t know. I like watched it on. I watched pretty little liars call back and, um, There was like a storyline. It’s not important. I just like thought that maybe I was a sociopath. So I like started taking online quizzes because I had like no resources at my disposal to, um, figure that out. Um, and I took them earnestly.

[00:23:38] They were not helpful. Um, but I remember like, one of them said like the results were always, I’m not a sociopath. I feel like I should say it that here. Um, but they said like a sociopath would lie on the test to like, this test actually is useless, but also like if you are worried about being a sociopath, you’re probably not a sociopath.

[00:23:57] Um, which I think is probably true. I like don’t have a very robust, like my understanding of like sociopathy has not really developed much since I was 13. So, uh, I can’t speak too much about it, but I did have that experience of like, Oh no, am I, this thing? Better take a quiz to find out.

[00:24:14] Chelsee: [00:24:14] Okay.

[00:24:15] Christina: [00:24:15] Do you think so?

[00:24:17]Chelsee: [00:24:17] Um, I mean, I feel like probably yes, particularly like young people. I think like I’m thinking the prime target for this is really more like, almost like middle school age, or like very early high school. Because I feel like when you get a little bit older, you would definitely, you might think some of these things, but maybe not like turn to an internet quiz,

[00:24:50] Christina: [00:24:50] you have more sophisticated tools, perhaps.

[00:24:53] Yeah. You would like watch porn or something and be like, well, what does this do for me? Yeah. I don’t know.

[00:24:59] Chelsee: [00:24:59] I don’t know. We should ask teenagers.

[00:25:03] Christina: [00:25:03] I don’t, I don’t want to. Yeah. Then I’m like the quiz, the question about like, what do you want to have in your mouth? I’m like, who is your audience here? I don’t know.

[00:25:12] Um, but the next question says, why would you kiss a girl? That seems like a silly question. Okay. Because I like her. Okay. To be more attractive to guys, to try it out, or because I want her, what’s the difference between liking and wanting?

[00:25:31] Chelsee: [00:25:31] Yeah. Like on the one hand I could see one as being like more sexually motivated.

[00:25:37] On the other hand, that’s like a very possessive word choice, which is like

[00:25:41] Christina: [00:25:41] a straight man wrote this.

[00:25:46] I’m going to say, because I like her. I don’t like the, um, the possessiveness of want.

[00:25:53]Chelsee: [00:25:53] Um, I, I went for

[00:25:56] Christina: [00:25:56] the possession?

[00:25:57] Chelsee: [00:25:57] Yeah.

[00:25:58] Christina: [00:25:58] Love that for you

[00:26:02] Chelsee: [00:26:02] also. Wow. We’ve spent more time on thisquiz than I expected

[00:26:05] Christina: [00:26:05] we may only do the one quiz.

[00:26:07] Chelsee: [00:26:07] Okay. Question nine of 13, a hot guy kisses you. What do you do? Push him away. Kiss him back, push him away, I’ve never met him before, I feel guilty. Like, well, if I’ve never met you,

[00:26:22] Christina: [00:26:22] regardless of my sexuality, I, once again, I need more context because like, if my hot boyfriend who I know kisses me, I’m not going to be like, get away. I’ve never met you before. But if some like hot stranger kisses me, I am going to be like, go away. I don’t know who you are. Yeah.

[00:26:43] Chelsee: [00:26:43] But also like just someone being hot doesn’t necessarily mean that I want to kiss them.

[00:26:50] Christina: [00:26:50] Yeah. Yeah. There’s like a Sonic attraction and sexual attraction and just like so many other factors.

[00:26:58] Cause I’m like, I wouldn’t feel guilty, but I’m like, I guess if like, as somebody who’s in a monogamous relationship, if I kissed another person, I would feel guilty. Cause that would be outside of the bounds of the agreement that I have made. But not because I’m a lesbian just because that’s not how I’ve chosen to organize my life.

[00:27:15] Chelsee: [00:27:15] Yeah. And I was not, I was not thinking. Like the, the answers took a turn when we got to, I’ve never met him

[00:27:23] Christina: [00:27:23] on mine that’s the first option. So I was so in my head, I’m like a hot stranger weird, but that’s not what it says

[00:27:31]Chelsee: [00:27:31] because of the options are push him away, kiss him back or feel guilty. I was like, I’m like, I guess I would kiss back.

[00:27:39] Yeah. Innocent. Because you know, I don’t imagine a scenario where a stranger is kissing me.

[00:27:45] Christina: [00:27:45] I’m picturing that we’re like at a bar or something and there’s like a, a spark and there’s like a buildup to it. Maybe a lot of contexts does not provide. Yeah. I’ve never met him before. It’s like, what does that tell you?

[00:28:02] Chelsee: [00:28:02] What is going on that some hot stranger just was like, actually that’s the setup. I think of like several young adult novels. Yeah.

[00:28:10] Christina: [00:28:10] Yeah. The dangerous stranger. But I just don’t know what that tells you about your sexuality, of like. I’ve never met him before. Therefore I don’t want to kiss him. So I must be straight.

[00:28:19] Like, I don’t understand. What’s the continuum.

[00:28:21] Chelsee: [00:28:21] I’m going to go with the push him away. I’ve never met him before.

[00:28:25] Christina: [00:28:25] I’m going to say kiss him back just to like, I am now trying to game the system question. Question 9 out of 13. I’m ready. Now.

[00:28:37] Here we go. Here now is we’re going to, here’s the, here’s the content. Who is the hottest, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde, or Megan Fox? Would anyone really answer like Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper in this situation? Even as a straight person? I’m like, could you, do you have the nerve?

[00:29:05] I can imagine. Oh, Olivia Wilde or Megan Fox.

[00:29:10] Chelsee: [00:29:10] Olivia Wilde.

[00:29:12] Christina: [00:29:12] Yeah. I also think Olivia Wilde. Yeah. Okay. Olivia Wilde, what a silly question. And like of all the men that you have to put forward, you’re going to give me Bradley Cooper.

[00:29:25] Chelsee: [00:29:25] It’s kind of, this is, it was kind of an interesting mix of people though in that like, while Megan Fox and, and Olivia Wilde sort of have a different thing about them. I would say they’re in kind of the same category, like yeah. Similar age and aesthetically. Um, whereas like Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, I would not necessarily like group together beyond the fact that they are both men. So they were just sort of like weird.

[00:29:54] Christina: [00:29:54] Yeah. Just like choices. Like white men in Hollywood. Also, if this test is meant for young people, like, I hope that young people do not like Bradley Cooper. Do you know what I mean? I’m like, my mom probably liked Bradley Cooper is not how old he is. I don’t know. I’ve only seen him in A Star is Born. I can’t think of another time that I’ve encountered that, man.

[00:30:14] Chelsee: [00:30:14] Um, I don’t know how old Bradley Cooper is. Maybe I think he’s in his forties.

[00:30:20] Christina: [00:30:20] Yeah. Which is not old, but I mean like as a 13 year old, like not an appropriate crush to have,

[00:30:25] Chelsee: [00:30:25] Yeah. I don’t know what context a 13 year old would have, like some kind of a screen interaction with Bradley Cooper and be like that guy.

[00:30:35] Christina: [00:30:35] Unless it was A Star is Born, which they were watching for Lady Gaga. In which case they don’t need this quiz because they are in fact queer. Easy.

[00:30:44] Chelsee: [00:30:44] Okay. Um, this is also a weird question, uh, which of these TV shows is your favorite? House MD famously with Olivia Wilde in it, Miami famously show for old people, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries.

[00:31:06] Christina: [00:31:06] None of those shows are my favorite show.

[00:31:09] Chelsee: [00:31:09] Of those shows, which is your favorite?

[00:31:13] Mine is The Vampire Diaries, which is a show that I actually watched.

[00:31:17] Christina: [00:31:17] I, so I never really watched Gossip Girl, but I like obsessively read the books because they had them at the public library and I was like an advanced reader. Um, and my mom would like, let me pick out whatever I wanted from the library.

[00:31:30] Cause she was like, it’s a library. And it was like the teen section. Yeah. But she was like, it can’t be that bad. And I was like reading Gossip Girl, um, when I was like 11, which was very bad. So I feel like Gossip Girl like was very formative for my sexuality, but I also didn’t watch the show, but I like house, but like only because I like watching people solve like mysteries. I think I’m gonna go to with Gossip Girl.

[00:31:55] Chelsee: [00:31:55] Okay. Um, I did think that Penn Badgley was really hot.

[00:32:06] This is, Oh God. Oh no.

[00:32:09] Christina: [00:32:09] Are you homophobic? No. Yes. Kind of. No, but my parents are.

[00:32:17]Chelsee: [00:32:17] The last one is so sad.

[00:32:19] Christina: [00:32:19] I know.

[00:32:19] I feel like you’re, once again, your sexuality has like nothing to do with your parents. That’s like weird. Um, I feel like that answer is for people who were like, like coming to terms with a sexuality that might make them unsafe, like with their family or with their home.

[00:32:37] So I feel like, I guess that’s why that’s there.

[00:32:40] Chelsee: [00:32:40] I feel like no one who’s answer to the question. Are you homophobic is yes would be taking this quiz.

[00:32:46] Christina: [00:32:46] That’s true. Yeah. Even if you have like internalized homophobia, you’re not like I hate the gays. You’re like, I’m dealing with a complicated issue with them, myself.

[00:32:57] I’m gonna say no. So what’s the bisexual answer, is it kind of?

[00:33:03] Chelsee: [00:33:03] I am 50% homophobia.

[00:33:06] Christina: [00:33:06] We must famously be half and half on everything.

[00:33:11] Chelsee: [00:33:11] Um, what do you want your test result to be by curious, bisexual, straight or lesbian?

[00:33:21] Christina: [00:33:21] I feel like we just wasted our fucking time and they’re just going to give us whatever answer we want, which I guess is nice. I’m going to say bisexual.

[00:33:29] Chelsee: [00:33:29] I I’m also gonna say bisexual.

[00:33:31] Christina: [00:33:31] Let’s see, they gave me a profile bar chart. I don’t know how to read bar graphs. What is this? Let’s see. Oh my God. 46% bisexual. I didn’t even make the 50% mark?

[00:33:50] Chelsee: [00:33:50] This is hard to read.

[00:33:52] Christina: [00:33:52] It is. Okay. So what I, my understanding I’m just gonna ignore the bar graph. Cause I don’t understand at all. So I’m 46% bisexual, 31%, bicurious, 15% lesbian and 8% straight.

[00:34:09] Chelsee: [00:34:09] Yeah. So for anyone other than us taking this quiz, the way that they give you your results is like a graph with a bar chart on it that has like options, A, B, C, or D. And they tell you, it shows you your percentages there and then gives you some text. That’s like for blank, like your answer is this, for it’s I’ve never seen a quiz like this.

[00:34:32] Yeah. I’m

[00:34:33] Christina: [00:34:33] like, I’m like, am I bisexual? Yes or no, I don’t want… there should be a pie graph. Shouldn’t it? Not like? So you can say because you only have a hundred percent. I’m not a mathematician, I guess I shouldn’t tell them how to do their jobs, but this bar graph makes no sense to me.

[00:34:50] Chelsee: [00:34:50] It also tells you other users what their results were. And I am much more bisexual than the average taker of this.

[00:34:57]Christina: [00:34:57] As am I. What are your percentages? Um, if you don’t mind sharing

[00:35:01] Chelsee: [00:35:01] 38% bisexual

[00:35:03] Christina: [00:35:03] I beat you

[00:35:05] Chelsee: [00:35:05] the 23% straight,

[00:35:13] Christina: [00:35:13] what?

[00:35:14] Chelsee: [00:35:14] 23% lesbian and 15% bicurious

[00:35:20] Christina: [00:35:20] I love that it’s the same for gay and straight.

[00:35:24]Chelsee: [00:35:24] I have an equal distribution of straightness and lesbianism, obviously.

[00:35:28] Christina: [00:35:28] Wow.

[00:35:30] Chelsee: [00:35:30] Only 15% bicurious though.

[00:35:33] Christina: [00:35:33] I’m 31%. Bi-curious. This 8% straight is really offensive to me.

[00:35:38] Chelsee: [00:35:38] I mean only 8% though I’m 23%..

[00:35:42] Christina: [00:35:42] Yeah. But I’m only 15% lesbian. Uh Hmm.

[00:35:45] Chelsee: [00:35:45] Interesting. So this is the, um, description about our bisexual results. You are bisexual. You can enjoy the best of both worlds since you have the capacity to be attracted to and to fall in love with either men or women. Those two things are not the same, um, confide in some people about this and you could face some hate, just learn to choose with care, whom you share this very intimate part of yourself with.

[00:36:11] And you’ll be fine. That was, I feel like they should have like switched that order starting with, if you tell people

[00:36:21] Christina: [00:36:21] They won’t like you and you will not be okay. Yeah. And then there’s no link to like, um, I don’t know, like a resource or like something that’s like affirming. Yeah, a straight person put this quiz together. I’m sorry to this creator, if I’m wrong about that, but I do not feel seen.

[00:36:41] Chelsee: [00:36:41] Yeah. Interesting. Um, I, we do not have time to do more quizzes. Like the quiz we had, literally, we had sourced four quizzes. Um, and instead, we were just like, let’s really go in on this other one on this one.

[00:37:04] Christina: [00:37:04] Um, should we shout out the other ones? Yeah, there’s one that I think, I guess actually I’ll just shout out one of them.

[00:37:10] There’s one on ditch the, which I haven’t taken the quiz. So, um, I’ll take it before this episode airs to make sure it’s not super problematic, but, um, this feels better. It’s also just, am I bisexual? It’s not like, am I bi-curious or bisexual or this or that or whatever. Um, but it just like the aesthetic of the website.

[00:37:35] Um, they also have like, um, resource links for bullying, mental health relationships, COVID, advice and support forums. So I feel like this would be one that would like be better too. Um, I dunno. I feel like I wouldn’t, it wouldn’t tell me that I’m 8%  straight.

[00:37:54] Chelsee: [00:37:54] It does look like it has 13 tips about coming out as bisexual and 10 things people say to bisexuals

[00:38:02]Christina: [00:38:02] This one’s only six questions we could take it really fast.

[00:38:05] Okay. Okay. Fast, fast. So, number one, have you ever had a crush on someone who is the same gender as you? Yes. Yes. How often are you attracted to people of the same gender as you? Sometimes? How often are you attracted to people with a different gender to you?

[00:38:22] Oh, the

[00:38:22] Chelsee: [00:38:22] options, the answers for both this question in the last one were always sometimes and never in case anyone was wondering.

[00:38:29] Christina: [00:38:29] I would kiss a guy true or false.

[00:38:33] I would kiss the girl true or false. True. True. I would date anyone or I wouldn’t date anybody. Oh, so the options for, I would date just guys, just girls, guys, and girls. I would date anyone. I wouldn’t date anyone. Still it feels exclusive, but better than the other one. Yeah, I got pansexual.

[00:38:56]Chelsee: [00:38:56] Yeah. I think it’s the I would date anyone question is, I think if we had chosen guys and girls, they would have said bisexual. So they’re using a very granular difference. That’s the thing that we’ll talk about in the future, on the show. The difference or perhaps lack thereof between BI and pan. Hmm. Well, that was a much shorter quiz and also definitely less problematic.

[00:39:23] Christina: [00:39:23] Yeah. It’s still not unproblematic, but less problematic.

[00:39:27] Chelsee: [00:39:27] Um, although it does seem like if you could, if you had these questions about yourself, if you were like, am I a bisexual? And then you took that quiz. Like, I think you, you wouldn’t need to get to the end of the quiz to know the answer because if you choose true or false

[00:39:45] Christina: [00:39:45] Oh yeah. Gloves off. Interesting. So I think that what we’ve learned today is that, um, although there are many, there was one quiz on Buzzfeed that, uh, we took, or I took off mic but it’s like visual and I don’t want to describe pictures to you. Um, but that one was a little bit more steeped in like bisexual internet culture.

[00:40:05] Cause it was like choose a weird chair to sit. Um, they also asked like pick an actor and like pick a crush and stuff like that, but it was very visual. So I guess what we learned is that you can’t, um, understand, or you can’t like define your complicated sexuality with a multiple choice online quiz

[00:40:23] Chelsee: [00:40:23] Who would’ve thunk

[00:40:24] Christina: [00:40:24] Or maybe you can.

[00:40:26] Chelsee: [00:40:26] Now I’m thinking about the, the Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Megan Fox, Olivia Wilde quiz question. And I want to know what those correspond to, because if the options were a straight bi bi-curious curious or a lesbian, like what is the

[00:40:46] I think Olivia Wilde’s definitely

[00:40:47] Christina: [00:40:47] lesbian. Um, I don’t know why. I just feel that way.

[00:40:52] And Megan Fox. Oh, that doesn’t work. There has to be three. It should have given us three women,

[00:41:03] Chelsee: [00:41:03] Maybe Megan Fox is bi curious

[00:41:07] Christina: [00:41:07] Bi-curious, and then who’s bisexual. Are either of those people like queer coded at all, and things like Channing Tatum or Bradley Cooper? I wouldn’t know. I’m not, I’ve never seen a Magic Mike movie.

[00:41:20] Chelsee: [00:41:20] Not that I’m aware of.

[00:41:21] Christina: [00:41:21] You know what maybe Channing Tatum is because he’s in those like, um, step up movies. So maybe if you’re like extremely homophobic, you’re like men dancing. I can’t, I thought those films were excellent. He did a great job, but anyways,

[00:41:33] Chelsee: [00:41:33] I love a good dance movie and sometimes a bad one. Um, we, have a little bit of time left.

[00:41:44] If we want to talk about some of the other internet culture, things, um, something that we’ve talked about that we’ve both noticed is, um, Bisexuals on the internet, making proclamations largely on Twitter about like things being bisexual, like all bisexuals do this. Um, one of my favorites was a tweet that was, uh, it was like, are they *mimes cuffing pants* bisexual?

[00:42:20] And when I read that tweet, I then looked down to see if my pants were cuffed.

[00:42:24]Christina: [00:42:24] They’re like leggings and you’re like, Oh shoot, better cuff em, better roll. Oh, okay.

[00:42:29] Chelsee: [00:42:29] Um, I did respond to the tweet with the fact that I checked to see if I was, if my pants were cuffed and the original tweet author liked it. And that felt like my own small moment of internet fame.

[00:42:41] Christina: [00:42:41] Um, you were participating, you were you were affirming the bisexuality through cuffing that is what we are to do. Yeah. That is our job.

[00:42:49]Chelsee: [00:42:49] In our text thread you and I now have, I think a series of questions about like, is this thing bisexual? Yes. Um, For instance, I’m really bad about estimating how much time something will take.

[00:43:04] And I asked Christina, if that was a bisexual characteristic.

[00:43:09]Christina: [00:43:09] We’ve concluded that it is because we constantly underestimate how much time it’s going to take us to do this podcast. Yeah, there’s also, um, I think we concluded that this one was maybe just us, but I did ask Chelsee if it was bisexual or just us to like, or if it was a thing that bisexual people do, or if it’s just us to do to like just constantly trade furniture back and forth, because we constantly do that.

[00:43:34] Like I have your old desk, your roommate has my old desk. There are other examples that I, for some reason, I’m blanking on

[00:43:41] Chelsee: [00:43:41] a lot of objects going back and forth between

[00:43:44] Christina: [00:43:44] every time I see Chelsee, I’m like, Oh, I brought you these household objects that I no longer need, but that you would like, and then Chelsee is like, Oh, I have similar objects that I do not need, but that you would like.

[00:43:55] Chelsee: [00:43:55] And I guess maybe this is a thing that like everyone does in some way, but it does

[00:44:04] Christina: [00:44:04] no we’re special and unique. So definitely not everyone does that. First of all, I’m going to stop you right there. Maybe. Yeah. Maybe that’s like also like a millennial thing of like sharing things with your friends.

[00:44:17] That’s nice to think about. Maybe.

[00:44:20]Chelsee: [00:44:20] I do feel though, like, um, when it comes to bisexual things, I don’t know if it’s, this is an, I don’t know if I would call these memes or not, but I’m going to say memes for like, when it comes to bisexual memes, I’m always like, Oh yes, that’s true. But I feel like with other things, I maybe don’t have that reaction in the same way.

[00:44:43] Christina: [00:44:43] Yeah. If it’s like another identity that you identify with, you can see, you’ll be like, wow, that’s not really me.

[00:44:48] Chelsee: [00:44:48] Yeah.

[00:44:49] Christina: [00:44:49] Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. Like if it was like everyone in long beach, does this actually, I’m like trying to be accepted by everybody in long beach because I’ve just moved here. So I guess, I would also be like yes, I know.

[00:45:01] I have not heard that, that restaurant before cause I just moved here. I better go check it out. But yeah, if I saw something that was like all white women, blah, blah, blah. I might be like, yeah, that’s me. Or I might also be like, no, that’s not who I am, but bisexuals I’m like yep. A hundred percent. I affirm retweet.

[00:45:21] Yeah. Yeah. I like that about us. Um, I also wanted to talk about bisexual Tik Tok yes. Briefly. I don’t know if I’m really like on biotech talk yet bi Tik Tok I don’t spend enough time on Tik TOK. Yeah. Um, I tried to like get there, like the shortcut way and just like search the hashtags and then follow the hashtags or however you do it on that app that the kids use. Um, but now I like just get lesbian, thirst traps, which is fine. It’s just not like the full range of content that I’m looking for, but I feel like that’s like the way that searching the hashtags has led me, but I just don’t spend enough time on the app yet.

[00:46:02] Chelsee: [00:46:02] Yeah. So I also, it’s weird for us to talk about this in that neither of us really use Tik TOK.

[00:46:09] I don’t like videos.

[00:46:11] Christina: [00:46:11] Hello, fellow children. You don’t like videos?

[00:46:17]Chelsee: [00:46:17] Yeah

[00:46:18]Christina: [00:46:18] really?

[00:46:19] Chelsee: [00:46:19] Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. Um, also very weird as someone with a film degree, just like internet videos. I don’t know what it is, but it’s also weird having spent, um, a number of years working in online marketing because everybody’s like video content.

[00:46:35] And I’m like do we have to? Yeah. Um, yeah, I don’t like that. Watching videos for the most part. Um, I dunno why? I just like, if someone posts a video on their Instagram, I don’t watch it unless it’s like, I’m very motivated to, it’s an uphill battle to get me to watch a video, basically. So I have a Tik Tok that I came to very begrudgingly.

[00:46:58] I will like do it for a little while, but I lose interest very quickly. Whereas like I could like fall down an Instagram rabbit hole and just like scroll through pictures forever. Um, so the algorithm has not figured me out. I have not made it to a bisexual Tik Tok.

[00:47:14] Christina: [00:47:14] The promised land.

[00:47:15] Chelsee: [00:47:15] Yeah. I have just now gotten like a couple of lesbian humor videos on Tik TOK.

[00:47:26] I have to send you one about your like lesbian starter kit. That was good. Oh, good. Shared that with, uh, with Alison. Um, yeah. And the reason that we’re talking about Tik Tok and bisexuals is because there has been a, like, I don’t know, it’s become a thing now,

[00:47:45] Christina: [00:47:45] Can we call it a movement? A trend?

[00:47:48] Chelsee: [00:47:48] A trend might be the right term, of people, I guess, discovering their bisexuality or queerness through Tik Tok because like, I guess the algorithm,

[00:48:03] Christina: [00:48:03] um, knows us better than we do?

[00:48:06] Chelsee: [00:48:06] Yeah. Um, I know, I kind of feel weird about that on the one hand I’m like anything that helps people, like, you know, no themselves figure their stuff out, like I’m here for it. Um, but it does feel weird to say like, Oh yeah, like in internet algorithm, like showed I don’t know.

[00:48:32] Christina: [00:48:32] Yeah. It makes me, the reason I don’t like it is because it reminds me of my great fear that we’re all, that I’m just a robot.

[00:48:41] Um. And I have one friend who feels the same way. I’ve only met one person who really understands that fear. Because whenever I say that, I’m like, what if I’m just like, what if we’re all just robots? Someone says like, well then like, does it matter? And I’m like, exactly. Like I’m afraid that it doesn’t matter.

[00:48:58] I’m afraid that like me being, I don’t know, that’s the whole thing. We’ll talk about it later.

[00:49:01] Chelsee: [00:49:01] I didn’t know that you had this existential dread, but we definitely need to talk about it because I have a different, but similar existential dread. Yeah.

[00:49:08] Christina: [00:49:08] That would be excellent. Yeah. And that really like, I’ve stayed up at night about it.

[00:49:13] Um, and that’s why I think algorithms are great because like, I love seeing content that I want to see. Um, but I also think algorithms like suck because they make me feel like I’m just a series of data.

[00:49:27] Chelsee: [00:49:27] Yeah. I think part of maybe the reason I feel uncomfortable with it is the like flattening of. Because like, as, although we already said, like, you don’t ever have to have any kind of, any particular kind of like sexual or romantic, like interactions with any particular gender to like validate your bisexuality, I do think that there is a kind of like lived experience of bi-ness in the same way that there is with like any other identity. And there’s something about like, I just watched a bunch of like videos and then it like revealed to me like something about that. Cause I also don’t want it to sound like I’m being critical.

[00:50:18] My problem is not with like so much of the people who have said like, Oh, I learned something about myself. I think my problem is more with the fact that I’ve heard multiple stories, like that means that it is a thing that culturally, we are like validating in some way or like, yeah. I think actually what it is is it comes back to this sort of internet quiz experience of like, I’m going to take a quiz to figure out if I’m bisexual in this way, that is sort of like divorced from how do you feel as a person?

[00:50:52] Or like, what is your experience moving through the world? It feels, and I guess maybe some people, maybe there’s a place for that, that like helps people get connected to a part of themselves that they are like distant from, but something about it just feels kind of very impersonal and like uncomfortable to me in this way that’s sort of like, Oh, we’re just going to like assign you a score.

[00:51:17] Christina: [00:51:17] Yeah.

[00:51:18] Chelsee: [00:51:18] Also what if we never get to bisexual Tik TOK?

[00:51:20] Christina: [00:51:20] Does that mean that I’m not bisexual? Yeah, I don’t like it. Cause there’s too many chances for other people to tell me that I’m not, maybe I’m like 8% straight. How dare you. I’m still so mad, but

[00:51:33] Chelsee: [00:51:33] it didn’t, maybe it’s also something about the way that it’s sort of like, uh, adds to this mythical, like monolith of like wow. this is really coming together in a way that I didn’t expect that like all biserial have the same experience.

[00:51:53] Christina: [00:51:53] Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense. Right. If it’s like, Oh, you liked these five videos or however many, it is like, therefore you are bisexual and we can like push this content to you. I feel like it doesn’t feel as sinister on Tik TOK, even though it probably is.

[00:52:07] But I feel like on Instagram, like all of the ads that I get on Instagram are for products, um, versus on Tik TOK, there are ads, but like. You’re not getting bisexual ads, at least I’m not,

[00:52:18] Chelsee: [00:52:18] not yet they also are early in the monetization process,

[00:52:22] Christina: [00:52:22] but I feel like, um, because I’m like getting to see other bisexuals, like on the Bi Pod’s Instagram, we don’t follow, like, I pretty much tried to follow all the bisexuals that I know. Um, and then like people who are not bisexual too, don’t think that just because we followed them, they’re bisexual. Um, and then like all the BI like hashtags that I could find. Um, and it’s a very happy internet place for me right now, because I’m just like going through reels which are basically just Tik Toks, um, of people making bisexual content.

[00:52:48] And I do like it. Um, and I do feel validated, but like, I don’t know, Instagram ads on my personal account. I always get like stuff for smoothies. Cause I like talk about smoothies, I guess, all the time. How annoying? Um, or like holographic platform boots, which I like wouldn’t buy, but I would do like to consume visually.

[00:53:08] Um, and that feels more like visible and like, Ugh. You’re just like trying to like put me in a consumer box. Although Tik Tok like is doing the same thing. I’m just afraid of it as it’s happening, which is maybe worse, but I don’t see it happening.

[00:53:23] Chelsee: [00:53:23] I mean, if anything, if their algorithm is as good as the hype says that it is

[00:53:27] Christina: [00:53:27] like the ads are going to be brutal.

[00:53:29] Chelsee: [00:53:29] Yeah.

[00:53:31] Christina: [00:53:31] That’s very true. Yeah. And I do agree that like, I, I place no blame or pressure or like negative feelings on the people who are like, experiencing that of like, Oh, like, I like this content, I guess I’m bisexual. I think that’s great. Like, however you come to us, that’s cool, um, but there is something, it also makes me afraid that like, I can be manipulated by a Tik Tok.

[00:53:56] Do you know what I mean?

[00:53:57] Chelsee: [00:53:57] Yeah.

[00:53:58] Christina: [00:53:58] Even if it’s not, even if that is true, um, for the, like those people, I’m like, what if Tik Tok could convince me, like, I don’t know something else or like, what if Tik Tok could like dig into my soul and pull out something that I’m not ready to deal with yet? I don’t know, maybe I’m not going to go on after all, but I wonder if like bisexuality specifically lends itself to that because we already have this like meme culture, you know, of like everyone can’t sit, that’s it, you know, like I wonder, um, if like other identities have that on Tik Tok or other social media platforms in the way that we do,

[00:54:37] Chelsee: [00:54:37] I would expect so, but it is hard to say because like, I, I haven’t, you know, moved through the internet as like a gay man. So I don’t, I don’t know what their inner experience.

[00:54:51] Christina: [00:54:51] Yeah. I do follow, um, best of grinder or whatever, on Instagram that’s excellent account. Um, but that’s like only for party gay content. I feel. Very interesting.

[00:55:04] Chelsee: [00:55:04] I think it, like, it feels when it feels like another bisexual out in the world is being like, this is what it’s like to be bisexual.

[00:55:14] That feels like very warm and awesome. But when it feels like an algorithm is collecting all of those people to deliver to me, something about that feels less, less warm.

[00:55:32] Christina: [00:55:32] Yeah. Perhaps even cold. Yeah. That’s a really good way to put it. I’m like, Oh, wow. Like, look at this bisexual in Arkansas. We’re in community now, but I’m also like someone served you to me.

[00:55:44] Who was that? What like overlords are doing that? Who was that? I don’t like it. We need to have a no that’s exclusionary. Nevermind. I was going to say, we should like have an app that like a bisexual made that only bisexuals can be on, but I don’t actually want that. That’d be exclusionary and weird. Makes me think of Westworld.

[00:56:07] You know where they, like, I don’t know if you got, you didn’t get that far on the show, but

[00:56:10] Chelsee: [00:56:10] I’ve only seen the first season.

[00:56:11] Christina: [00:56:11] You basically, I mean, they hint at it in the first season, but like you learn and this isn’t really a spoiler you basically learn the, like, um, the park has been collecting people’s information and like storing it.

[00:56:26] And like we’re all just basically computers. Um, those more details obviously than that, but it’s like the idea that like human choices can be predicted, you know, and that like, um, personalities can be replicated with like data points, um, which is like feeds into my fear about it not mattering if I’m a robot or not.

[00:56:44] Um, but I guess that’s like what Tik Tok is, what all social media is like. I’m scared yeah.

[00:56:53] We

[00:56:54] Chelsee: [00:56:54] have to talk about something else for remaining.

[00:56:57] Christina: [00:56:57] I have a perfect palette cleanser. Okay. Um, so when we were talking about like queer. Internet, obviously tumbler was the first thing that came up. Um, and I personally did not have like a very formative tumbler experience.

[00:57:12] Um, cause I wasn’t supposed to have the internet when I was younger. I did because the password was printed on the router, but, but I had to be like very covert about it. Um, Chelsee had a very different experience. So Chelsee would you like to tell the people about your pixie cut tumbler?

[00:57:27] Chelsee: [00:57:27] Yeah. Yeah. So I was definitely a tumbler teenager.

[00:57:32] Um, not in any, I wasn’t like tumbler famous. I wanna like be clear about that. I was like lurking tumbler for the most part, although I had a, so I had my main tumbler that I was just like posting bullshit and pop culture. Um, but then I had a pixie cut tumbler, um, the pixie diaries. It’s still up. And in fact, I updated, not that long ago,

[00:57:57] Christina: [00:57:57] it will be linked in the show notes.

[00:58:00] Chelsee: [00:58:00] Um, because I had recently gotten a pixie cut and was very into it. And I was like, I want to like post pictures of pixie cuts. Um, and it had some amount of traction because strangers on the internet submitted me like questions about like, how do I like ask for a pixie cut when I go to get my hair cut?

[00:58:17] And like, could you post like what the back of your head looks like? People have a lot of questions about what the back of someone’s pixie cut looks like. That’s the thing I learned. Um, interesting. Yeah. So, uh, but I’d kind of forgotten about this blog and then rediscovered it recently. And as I was looking at it, I was like, wow.

[00:58:39] At the time, this just seemed like a thing I was doing because I was interested in short haircuts. But what I can see now with time and distance is that it was probably the gayest thing I’ve ever done because it’s just a blog of pictures of cute girls.

[00:58:53] Christina: [00:58:53] Yeah, that is, yeah. We call that texts if, uh, Chelsee at the time took that quiz.

[00:59:04] Chelsee: [00:59:04] Yes. Um, yeah, just 100% pictures of cute girls on the internet with short hair and, um, pictures of me and then some questions about like haircuts, but like primarily just pictures of, of women.

[00:59:27] Christina: [00:59:27] Yeah. And it also feels like, uh, a study of like queer aesthetics, because like, I know that straight people have pixie cuts, do whatever you want with your hair.

[00:59:36] Don’t come for me straight people. But I also feel like, I don’t know, we’ll have to get more into it with like the queer signaling, but it’s. There was a reason that you were like specifically seeking like this look, you know what I mean? Instead of like brunettes with their hair parted down the middle of whatever your thing was.

[00:59:53] Chelsee: [00:59:53] Um, yeah. And there was like a, there was a, again, not a thing I was cognizant of the time, but looking back, I was like, wow. So many of these women look the same in a way that on the one hand was funny. In the other hand, I was like, Oh, there was like something going on here that I was like, not, yeah. Yeah.

[01:00:11] Christina: [01:00:11] There was something you were trying to like approximate or like collect. Yeah. Oh, interesting. I wish I had an artifact like that to look back at. I cleaned out my room at my parents’ house like, I don’t know, a couple months ago. Um, cause they turned it into a gym, classic, and I found like a bunch of my old journals and I started going through them and then I just like threw them away.

[01:00:32] Cause I was like, actually I have some that I’d like had with me for a long time, but the ones that were still at my parents’ house, I was like. There’s nothing good here. I don’t need this, but I had like a notebook that like my friend who now knows she’s a lesbian and I like would pass back and forth between classes.

[01:00:48] And I kept those because those are very precious, um, of us like being obviously not straight together. Yeah. Um thinking that we were, but my like private thoughts as a ten-year-old I was like, I don’t need to revisit this. I’ll just let it go. I wish I had a tumbler.

[01:01:08]Chelsee: [01:01:08] I think that’s very like fair to your ten-year-old self though, to be like, you have those experiences.

[01:01:14] And now,

[01:01:15] Christina: [01:01:15] now they’re in the trash.

[01:01:16] Chelsee: [01:01:16] Well, I was thinking more of a, like, you get to keep those properties to yourself. I don’t need to rehash that.

[01:01:23] Yeah.

[01:01:24] Christina: [01:01:24] Cause I was like, okay, I’m going to think too deeply about this in a way that like probably won’t really help me.

[01:01:29] Chelsee: [01:01:29] Yeah. I am. I’m not like a journaler, but I do have old journals from the times when I have done it. Um, and the old notebooks and stuff, and I keep them, but I do not look at them because every time I do like something, I’m just like, have I changed? Or like, what was wrong with you?

[01:01:50] Christina: [01:01:50] Like make a study of yourself, have you heard of the mortified podcast?

[01:01:54] Chelsee: [01:01:54] Yes. I haven’t listened though.

[01:01:55] Christina: [01:01:55] I went to one of the live shows was very funny, but it made me for a second. I was like, Oh, I want to like read my old things. This, the show was so funny, but then I like went back and read my old things and I was like, this isn’t funny. Nevermind. Uh, it just depends. But, um, so that’s our brief discussion of bisexuality on the internet.

[01:02:15] Yeah. We covered some things, not all the things, but it’s not our job to cover all the things.

[01:02:19]Chelsee: [01:02:19] Yeah. I mean the internet, the, the bi web, bi net.

[01:02:24] Christina: [01:02:24] Yeah. They be vast.

[01:02:27] Chelsee: [01:02:27] Yes.

[01:02:29] Christina: [01:02:29] The bi net. Wait, I just thought of something  why did I say see you later next time or see you later in the last episode when I should have said good bye?

[01:02:43]Chelsee: [01:02:43] Well, are you ready?

[01:02:46] Christina: [01:02:46] Goodbye.

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