The Bi Net

Christina: [00:00:00] Hi Chelsee. [00:00:00]Chelsee: [00:00:00] Hi, Christina. [00:00:01] Christina: [00:00:01] How’s it going? [00:00:03] Chelsee: [00:00:03] Um, it’s it’s going. Yeah. That’s um, yeah. [00:00:09] Christina: [00:00:09] Yeah, it is also going for me as well. Yeah. What a time, truly. What a time to be a person in a place at all? [00:00:23]… Continue reading The Bi Net

Episode 1: Welcome to the Bi Pod

Welcome to the Bi Pod: Questions You Didn’t Ask In this episode, Chelsee and Christina introduce themselves, talk about their quarantine lives, and discuss their own journeys with bisexuality. If you’d prefer to skip straight to hearing them talk about their bisexual identities, that starts at 19:04. You can follow us on Instagram @TheBiPod. You… Continue reading Episode 1: Welcome to the Bi Pod